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Ok so the last post was all about the majestic mountains in Switzerland. This post is completely different, It is full of fun and quirky pictures taken while we were on holiday. These are the pictures you never usually see in photography contests but are always remembered. Whether it is a funny group shot or
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We have just arrived back from a wonderful holiday in Switzerland. I can safely say that Switzerland is by far my favourite country in Europe. The views are absolutely breathtaking, one minute you are driving along with pretty hills either side of the road, you then turn a corner and you see amazing huge mountains
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I admit I may post many pictures of the Sea on this website, but its something that really fascinates me. Scientists say Oceans cover just over 70% of Earths surface, yet only 3 people have ever been to the deepest part of it (a section of the Pacific Mariana Trench) – That’s so much yet
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Wow what a day…. Lions and tigers and bears oh my!!!! I have always wanted to feed a giraffe and walk freely amongst camels, goats, donkeys, lamas, deer and get close to lions and tigers. So this was a wonderful experience. This was my day at the Safari… The two giraffes really stand out when
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There is something majestic about being by the sea. The sound of the waves is relaxing, and watching the grains of sand move along the shore line and then get dragged back into the deep blue waters again. Taking photos of the sea & beach is always interesting because like nature shots you never really
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  More photos to follow…

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