Wow what a day…. Lions and tigers and bears oh my!!!!

I have always wanted to feed a giraffe and walk freely amongst camels, goats, donkeys, lamas, deer and get close to lions and tigers. So this was a wonderful experience. This was my day at the Safari…

The two giraffes really stand out when you enter. I like so many have been brought up in a very built up area, so seeing these giraffes was like something out of a film to me. We were very privileged because we were the only ones at the Safari so we had a private tour… so we didn’t  just get to take a picture of this handsome guy, we got to feed him too..

We also fed the massive hippopotamus. His mouth was so big he didn’t even know when it was full of food.

We met Paco the Parrot, he followed us around for a while. He was very friendly and he helped us practice our Spanish.

After we had spent afew hours in this wonderful park I can truly say it was one of my most memorable afternoons and well worth the experience.

Safari Deer


Safari Giraffe Eating

Safari Elephant Eating

Safari View


Safari Paco Parrot

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