Ok so the last post was all about the majestic mountains in Switzerland. This post is completely different, It is full of fun and quirky pictures taken while we were on holiday. These are the pictures you never usually see in photography contests but are always remembered. Whether it is a funny group shot or a selfie with that ‘photo bomber’ in the background, these photos make us smile and give us great memories.

Singing in the Rain Switzerland

Jumping Cow in Switzerland
The cows in Switzerland seem so happy they were always jumping around. Of course all you can hear when the cows jump around are those famous bells that are tied around their necks. You can go for a walk in the country and hear nothing but this jingling sound.
Switzerland Bells
Corinne in Switzerland Amazing views at the top of Europe

Corinne & Emma

Sleeping Pigs SwitzerlandSleeping piggies – ah what a tough life!!!

Chalet Switzerland

Group in front of Caravan

Bird on top Jungfrau Switzerland This bird was on top of the Jungfrau mountain, he was alittle windswept but then again I think I would have been if I had flown 4158 ft into the air.

Emma & Corinne Funny Picture

Cute CatWe found this little guy along with his 7 brothers & sisters where we were staying, they were only a couple of weeks old and had just started to venture out. They were so cute.

Group outside tent Switzerland

Snow globe Switzerland

Funny photoThis was on top of the Schilthorn mountain, there is alot to do such as interactive games & videos etc but the best thing has to be the revolving restaurant.

Group shot in the Valley Switzerland

Snow reflection

Group in Switzerland

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